You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Jake's Auto & Truck Repair:

I was impressed by how Jake's Auto was very friendly and seemed to really care that all my needs were met. I plan on going there for my future car repairs. Thanks Jake's Auto!

Camille B.

I was referred to Jake's Auto by a friend a few years ago, and my experience has been spectacular. Every time I need to visit Jake's for repairs, Monica and her staff are polite, efficient, and very transparent with the repairs and cost of the work being performed. Once, Monica called me the day after some work was done to inform me I was charged for a part that ended up not being used and gave me a credit for the unused part. Another time I had my car towed in as it wasn't starting, turned out the battery cable was the problem, I was only charged for the tow, incredible service. I have literally never experienced this before, what a testament to their honesty and integrity. If you're looking for a shop, this is the place, no need to go anywhere else.

Eric K.

Always great service. Excellent front office staff and mechanics. Recent remodel looks great.

Walter A.

I have taken 2 vehicles to Jakes in the last month. The first one was an old car that wasn't worth much and I paid a pre-determined price to have them diagnose the problem. It cost me a little more than I had hoped but the repair worked (so far) so I am happy about that. The second car I took in was my wife's Sequoia. They finished it in the time frame they said they would. When I went in to pay the bill was much higher than anticipated. I paid the amount but I wasn't too excited about using them again. Later that night, the owner (Monica) called me on my cell phone. While going through the days receipts she realized a large error on my bill. It was more than double what it should have been. She apologized for the overcharge and furthermore, she comped the oil change all together. All businesses make mistakes. It's how they handle it when they do that counts. Monica will see more business from me. I'll give them another chance to earn that 5th star.

Kevin R.

Cant say enough good things about jakes auto -Quick accurate diagnosis of my vehicle. -technicians where extremely knowledable and well groomed with clean clothes. ( pretty easy on the eyes to ) -the waiting room was very comfortable for me and my kids, very clean and professional. There is nothing worse than spending copious amount of money on an incorrect diagnonosis for auto repairs, you wont have that problem at jakes.

Jeremy E.

Jake's Auto is the best repair shop we have ever taken our vehicles too. They are friendly, kind, honest people who work hard to get you taken care of quickly and efficiently. Thank you Jake's auto for all your help!! Defiantly the repair shop I will use from now on.

Taylor O.

Updating a previews review. I took my van in due to an engine light issue. After dealing with the wonderful staff in the morning, their service just kept getting better all day. They tested my van and could not duplicate the issue. They gave me service recomnendations by email. No work was done without my permission. The owner reduced the amount I agreed to pay. My experience was amazing with this repair shop. I will come back again as they gained my trust.

Stephen A.

Replace A/C evaporator My Ford dealer quoted me $1600 to do the job. Mind you the evaporator is s $120 part on a bad day. The job did require a lot of labor - close to 8 hours. I brought the car into Jake's for a quote. I was advised that the repair was labor intensive. They also mentioned it was a great time to replace the heater core as it was right next to the other failing part. It was also suggested that my power steering fluid was ready for replacement. All of the above cost $200 less than the Ford dealer quoted me. The repair work was done well. The automotive tech was awesome. The office staff is great. They do need to work on scheduling as others have mentioned. I had to take my car in for diagnoses and then come back in a week for repairs. It would be nice if they could get you in and out a little quicker. That's what I would have been paying for at the dealer. In the end the wait saved me money. I would recommend Jake's to my friends.

Mark E.

Jake's Auto and Truck Repair is they only repair shop to take your vehicle to in the valley, I have taken my car to Tim Dale for repairs and I have always walked out spending more than I wanted (or needed too) because of unnecessary recommended repairs. I made an appointment with Jake's and they were able to get my car in quickly and efficiently. I trust everyone at Jake's and I love that they treat you like you are family. They have a awesome digital report with pictures that they emailed to me so that I could see that what they recommended is what my car actually needed. Jake's also guarantees their work and will do whatever it takes to make you feel like you have chosen the right repair facility. I will continue to bring all my vehicles to Jake's, and will definitely refer my friends and family to Jake's as well. Thank you so much to the staff and keep up the amazing work. And Their new update to the front office looks awesome!

Vickie C.

Jake's Auto & Truck Repair is an honest shop that provides quality service. I had multiple expensive repairs done that required a lot of intensive work. Jake's did an astounding job keeping things affordable and providing the quality service I would expect from a local shop. Jake's management and technicians are invested in your interests and it shows in the care you get from them. They continued to provide communication on what repairs were occurring, the anticipated time frames, and asking about pricing concerns prior to initiating work. Jake's provided multiple services free of charge that helped make 'taking the car in for repairs' a lot easier. They provide a complementary 49 point inspection to every customer. This check caught two major problems that could have resulted in serious complications had they not been addressed. They also gave me a ride to and from their shop helping to make sure I could still get to work and manage my daily activities. If you want a reliable shop that provides honest and high quality work, Jake's Auto& Truck Repair is the place for you.

Michael D.